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Choosing an area to live

You have decided to move to a new area! This may be due to a new job, a change of lifestyle, relationship, or other. Either way there will be a lot to consider.

So “WHERE ” is the BIG question! Obviously your budget will be a main factor but I would also suggest writing a list of priorities. These may be, travelling distance to work, good schools, property size, somewhere for walking the dogs, proximity to shops, good leisure facilities, a quieter location, etc. etc.. I would then number them in order of priority, as there will always be compromises to be made along the way!

Once the list has been compiled and arranged in order of priority, highlight some areas you are interested in on a map.

This will be a good guide to help you start exploring areas that could be suitable. I often meet clients (where possible) to discuss the locations they are interested in moving to, and find there are areas they have not even considered or even areas that would not fit their criteria. This is often due to not being very familiar with the local areas particularly well, and therefore missing out on the opportunity of finding the perfect location to suit their requirements.

If for instance, you already have children or planning to start a family then choosing the right areas with good schooling will be a top priority. Time to do your homework! Thorough research is a must and here are a few places to start:



or other local Council



It is always advisable (if you have the time) to visit the areas and spend time really getting to know the feel of a places as much as possible. I take my clients out for an orientation of the area they are considering and at the same time include some property viewings that fit their criteria and budget to give them as much insight as I can about living in that particular area.

If you are interested in a particular leisure activity or sport, visit the local golf clubs, swimming pools, tennis clubs, gyms etc.. Check out the local public transport links for commuting to work and how long the journey will take.

Another way to find out more about an area is take time to register with some online local social networks. You can find a wealth of information and advise from others who live in the area and even make some new friends with similar interests!

For example:



My advice is take time to make the right decision. Think about how long you plan to live in your next property and whether the location and size of the property you are considering will accommodate your needs for that duration. There’s nothing worse than making a bad and costly decision and then having to move again soon after!


If you are considering moving to Hertfordshire or NW London to buy or rent a property and feel you could benefit from the assistance of a property finder, please get in touch for a free no obligation consultation.

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