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Employee Relocation

We offer a bespoke service to corporate clients wishing to re-locate an employee to the UK or within. We understand the importance of helping the relocation process go as smoothly as possible and therefore offer you and your employees a dedicated single point of contact throughout, providing a consistent and reliable service. We have assisted many satisfied corporate clients and ensure their employees are well looked after through the stressful process of relocating to a new area or country.

Property Search - Our established relationships with local estate agents enables us to show your employees the best available accommodation at any given time. We will spend a day or more with your employee depending on their requirements. We will contact all known sources including private contacts and compile an itinerary of properties to view that are available on our day(s) out with your employee.

Should your employee wish to purchase a property rather than rent, we will pre-view the properties eliminating any unsuitable finds prior to our day(s) out with your employee.

Short Term Accommodation - Should your employee require accommodation for a short period of time whilst searching for a longer term rental property or maybe just a short term stay, we can source the best available at the time required.

School searches - Understanding the needs of families relocating with children still in education, we provide guidance to help in this area. We will research schools in their chosen areas and set up meetings with the schools most suitable, accompanying your employee on visits if required. Should a more specialist educational adviser be required, we can offer a list of specialists who could assist.

Orientation Tours - If your employee is new to an area, we can arrange an orientation tour (prior to their home search) to help them decide which areas they would like to focus their search. We will drive them around the areas they are considering to live, pointing out places of interest, schools, leisure and public transport. We will also arrange some property viewings to give your employee a better understanding of the properties available within their budget.

Inventory Check-In/Out - To help your employee during the move in or out, we will arrange to be present at the inventory check In and Out. This will enable us to make sure the meter readings are read correctly as well as the inventory/schedule of condition.

Settling In Service - It can be a stressful and disorientating time for an employee and their family when moving to a new area. We will help the settling process by spending some time with them and introduce them to local amenities of interest. This could be as simple as showing them where to buy their favourite cheese or the most suitably located dance class!


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